Citroën C5 (2009) ръководство на потребителя

Citroën C5 (2009)
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ръководство на потребителяCitroën C5 (2009)



Door mirrors

Each tted with an adjustable mir-
ror glasses providing the lateral
rearward vision necessary for over-
taking or parking. They can also be
With the ignition on:
move control A to the right or to
the left to select the correspon-
ding mirror,
move control B in all four direc-
tions to adjust,
return control A to the central po-
Demisting/defrosting of the door
mirrors is associated with that of
the rear screen.
from outside; lock the vehicle
using the remote control or the
from inside; with the ignition on,
pull control A rearwards.
If the mirrors are folded using control A ,
they will not unfold when the vehicle is un-
locked. Control A must be pulled again.
from outside; unlock the vehicle
using the remote control or the
from inside; with the ignition on,
pull control A rearwards.
If the position is changed manually, a
long press on control A re-engages
the mirror.
The folding and unfolding of the exte-
rior mirrors using the remote control
can be deactivated by a CITROËN
The objects observed are, in rea-
lity, closer than they appear.
Take this into account in order to
correctly judge the distance of ve-
hicles approaching from behind.

Rear view mirror

Adjustable mirror providing a central
rearward view.
Equipped with an anti-dazzle system,
useful in poor light.
Manual day/night model
Adjust the mirror so that the
glass is directed correctly in the
"day" position.
Day/night position
Pull the lever to change to the
"night" anti-dazzle position.
Push the lever to change to the
normal "day" position.
As a safety precaution, the mirrors
must be adjusted to reduce the
"blind spot".

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