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1. Connect one 3.5mm end of the
included audio cable to the head-
phone jack of the CobraAirWave
2. Connect the other end (3.5mm or
2xRCA) to an audio input on your
home stereo system.
3. Slide power switch from OFF to ON.
Connect the micro-USB adapter
cable to the CobraAirWave
plug into USB-compatible power port.
4. The blue LED light will ash to indicate the unit is powered
and is now ready to be paired to your media device.

Quick Start Guide

Printed in China Part No. 480-827-P Version B
Thank you for purchasing the CobraAirWave
Music Receiver.
lets you...
• PlayanymediadeviceenabledwithBluetooth
wireless technology through your home stereo,
car stereo or music dock.
• Controlyourmusicdirectlyfromyourmediadevice.
• Connectamediadevicewithoutevergoingnear
the stereo.
• Stayconnectedvirtuallyanywhereinyourhomewitha
wireless range of 33 feet.

What’s in the Box

Setting Up CobraAirWave


Stereo Cable
Stereo Cable
Cobra AirWave
Micro-USB Cable
for Charging

Works with any Bluetooth


-Enabled Device

In order to pair CobraAirWave
to your media device,
press the blue lighted button on CobraAirWave
for 3
seconds to put it into pairing mode. Go to the Bluetooth
Settings Menu on your media device. For most devices
this is found by pressing Settings
PressScan for Devices and/or wait for the device list to
populate and then select CobraAirWave
to “Accept password to pair” press Conrm. When
is properly paired and connected,
“Connected” will be shown on your media device.
When CobraAirWave
is properly paired and connected to
your device the LED on the top of the unit will shine blue.
For more information on pairing with Bluetooth
consult your device’s owners manual.
If you are having trouble initializing or maintaining your
connection, completely turn off your media device
and CobraAirWave
them back on.
Now that you are paired with and connected to
you’re ready to start streaming music.
is now connected and ready to play
music! Just play music on your device as you normally
would and the sound will come out of your speakers!
Keep in mind that the CobraAirWave
has a
33-foot range.

Reconnecting Your Device

If you move out of range or turn off the Bluetooth
on your device, the CobraAirWave
will disconnect from
your device. To reconnect, simply access the Bluetooth
Manager on your device and select the CobraAirWave
device listed.

Changing Connected Devices

If you want to switch from one device to another:
1. End the existing Bluetooth
connection with the
connected device accessing the Bluetooth
and disable the Bluetooth
function of the device.
2. The CobraAirWave
can now be connected to a
different media device. Follow the instructions in “Pairing
Your CobraAirWave” for new media devices, or connect
to CobraAirWave
via the media device’s Bluetooth
manager for previously paired devices.
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