Crestron UC-SB1-CAM

Crestron UC-SB1-CAM ръководство на потребителя

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    A complete conferencing speakerphone and camera solution
    in one stunning front-of-room device
    Sleek and stylish soundbar design installs cleanly beneath the
    room display(s) mounts on the wall or sits on a credenza
    Multicolor status bar indicates audio volume, mute, and
    operational status
    18 far-field adaptive beamforming microphone array
    senses who is speaking and optimizes directionality for clear
    High-powered 2-way stereo speakers produce full, rich, and
    natural sound quality
    Advanced AEC & DSP technology affords exceptional
    full-duplex audio performance with highly-intelligible,
    echo-free 2-way voice quality
    Built-in Huddly IQ™ camera a premium conferencing
    camera fully integrated into the soundbar
    Ultra wide-angle 150° diagonal field of view captures the
    entire room
    Genius Framing lossless digital autozoom automatically
    detects people and frames them perfectly in the shot
    Full HD 1080p video resolution, precision optics, and
    advanced video processing delivers a crystal clear video
    3x digital zoom, pan, and tilt allows manual shot control
    People counting enables room usage analytics via Crestron
    XiOCloud service when used with the UC-ENGINE or UC-
    USB 3.0 provides audio and video connectivity through a
    single USB interface
    Plug & Play compatible with major computer OS platforms
    running any web conferencing software
    Analog audio I/O input and output connections for local
    source and assistive listening devices
    Integral hinged mounting bracket simplifies wall mount
    Internal power supply 100 to 240 VAC line powered
    An incredible front-of-room device, the Crestro UC Video
    Conference Smart Soundbar & Camera (UC-SB1-CAM)
    eliminates the need to install additional microphones, speakers,
    or cameras. Mounted on the wall or placed on a credenza
    beneath the main room display(s), the smart soundbar looks
    great and sounds even better in any small to medium-sized
    meeting space.
    High-powered stereo speakers, adaptive beamforming
    microphone, and advanced digital signal processing deliver
    exceptional full-duplex speakerphone performance with highly
    intelligible, echo-free voice clarity. A perfect view of the room is
    achieved through the built-in conferencing camera featuring
    HD 1080p video resolution, ultra-wide 150° diagonal field of
    view, and Genius Framing digital autozoom.
    Its compact design
    reduces clutter on the conference table, and even
    accommodates rooms with no table at all.
    NOTE: See also model UC-SB1 for a similar solution with no
    built-in camera. The UC-SB1 allows for the use of any USB
    camera mounted separately from the smart soundbar.
    USB Speakerphone &Camera
    The UC-SB1-CAM comprises a high-performance AEC-enabled
    speakerphone and camera. It is also available and designed for
    integration with any computer running UC conferencing or web
    collaboration software, as well as for general presentation of
    computer-based AV content. A single USB 3.0 connection
    provides a plug-and-play interface to a computer.
    The UC-SB1-CAM behaves like any USB Audio or USB Video
    class device, enabling use as a speaker, microphone, and
    camera for all types of multimedia applications running on a
    computer. Even if you’re not on a call, you can use the smart
    soundbar to share content with everyone in the room, or make
    a professional recording of the meeting, with exceptional
    Superb Sound Quality
    The smart soundbar facilitates conversations with exceptional
    audio fidelity and pickup. Its integrated 180° far-field
    microphone array faithfully captures voices throughout the
    room using adaptive beamforming technology. Its
    high-powered, two-way stereo speakers produce full, rich and
    real sounding audio. High-performance AEC technology
    achieves transparent full-duplex performance free of
    distracting echo or noise. Additional digital signal processing
    assures optimal sound quality for an immersive experience.
    UC Video Conference Smart Soundbar & Camera
Crestron UC-SB1-CAM

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