Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 27K

Cygnett ChargeUp Pro 27K ръководство на потребителя

  • A - Power button
    B - LED Charge Indicator
    C - USB-C (60W-PD)
    D - USB-C (12W)
    E - USB-A (12W)
    Product Specifications
    Capacity: 27,000mAh/99.9Wh, Lithium Polymer Battery,
    Dimensions: 181x104x22.3mm
    USB-C input:
    5V3A, 14.5V2A, 20V1.5A (30W)
    USB-C Output 1:
    5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 14.5V3A, 20V3A (60W)
    USB-C Output 2:
    5V2.4A (12W)
    USB-A Output 1:
    5V2.4A (12W)
    Total Output: 72W (Max)
    Minimum operating temperature: 25°C
    Maximum operating temperature: 40°C
    How to recharge your ChargeUp Pro
    To recharge your ChargeUp Pro, connect it to a USB power source using the included
    USB-A to USB-C cable, using the USB-C (60W-PD) port on the power bank (C). Please
    note the USB-C (12W) port (D) does not support recharging of the power bank. For the
    fastest charging speed, you should use a USB-C power adapter with a 30W or higher
    USB-PD output, and a USB-C to USB-C cable (not included). When the ChargeUp Pro
    is recharging the Blue LED charge indicator (B) will flash, whilst showing the current
    charge level. When recharging from a USB-PD power source the green LED light (B)
    will also illuminate.
    How to charge your USB-C Devices
    To charge your USB-C compatible Notebook, tablet, or smartphone, you must use the
    USB-C (60W-PD) output (E) on the Powerbank in combination with a USB-C to USB-C
    cable (not included). Once your device is connected to the ChargeUp Pro, it will begin to
    charge automatically. The blue LED indicator (B) will stay illuminated whilst charging
    (indicating the remaining battery level, and the Green LED (B) will illuminate when
    USB-PD fast charge mode is activated.
    **Important Note**
    When charging USB-C laptops you must use the port marked USB-C (60W-PD). Not all
    USB-C laptops are able to be charged by the ChargeUp Pro, as they may require more
    than 60W to charge. Also, many laptops have USB-C ports that do not support power
    input. Please see our website for the latest compatibility list.
    The following devices will charge faster from the USB-C (60W-PD) port. iPhone 8*,
    iPhone 8 Plus*, iPhone X*, iPad Pro 10.5*, iPad Pro 12.9*, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+,
    Galaxy Note 8/9, Nintendo Switch.
    *requires a USB-C to Lightning cable
    How to charge all other USB-A Devices
    All other devices such as smartphones and tablets can be connected to the USB-A port
    (E) on the ChargeUp Pro, using your devices USB charging cable. Once your device is
    connected to the ChargeUp Pro, press the power button to begin charging. The blue
    LED indicator (B) will stay illuminated whilst your device is charging.
    LED Charge indicator
    Battery Level
    To check your ChargeUp Pro’s remaining charge, press the power button (A) once, and
    the 1-4 blue LED lights will illuminate indicating the remaining power. When the power
    bank is recharging the one blue light will flash. PD Fast charge When PD fast charging is
    active a green light will illuminate.
    Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries
    according to the instructions.
    Do not store cable with both connectors plugged into powerbank as this may short circuit
    powerbank and stop it from working.
    ChargeUp Pro 27K
    27,000 mAh Portable Powerbank

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Марка Cygnett
Модел ChargeUp Pro 27K
Продукт Зарядно за мобилно устройство
Език Английски
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