Grundig Music 65 DAB ръководство на потребителя

Grundig Music 65 DAB
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This device is designed for the playback of
audio signals.
Any other use is expressly prohibited.
Make sure the device is protected from dripping
or splashing water.
Do not place any vessels such as vases on
the device. These may be knocked over and
spill fluid on the electrical components, thus
presenting a safety risk.
Do not place any naked flames such as candles
on the device.
Ensure that the device is adequately ventilated
by placing it at least 10 cm from any
other object. Do not cover the device with
newspapers, table cloths, curtains, etc.
Only use the device in a moderate climate.
If malfunctions occur due to static electricity
charges or fast transient (burst), reset the
device. To do this, pull out the power plug and
connect it again after a few seconds.
When deciding where to place the device,
please note that furniture surfaces are covered
by various types of varnish and plastic, most
of which contain chemical additives. These
additives can corrode the device supports,
leaving residues on the furniture surfaces which
can be difficult or impossible to remove.
Do not use any cleaning agent, as this may
damage the casing. Clean the device with a
clean, dry cloth.
Never open the device casing. The
manufacturer will not accept any liability for
damage resulting from improper handling.



Grundig Music 65 DAB

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Спецификации на продукта

Марка Grundig
Модел Music 65 DAB
Продукт Радиоприемник
Език Английски
Вид файл PDF

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