Manhattan 307796

Manhattan 307796 ръководство на потребителя

    Thank you for purchasing one of a variety
    Video Splitter Cables,
    each designed to provide quick and easy
    2-to-1 connections for crystal-clear video
    transmissions. Each cable in this series
    supports high-resolution images for dual-
    display presentations delivered by a single
    source. (See the connector conguration
    chart with specs on the back of this guide.)
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    offers a complete line of PC Components, Peripherals, Cables and
    Accessories. Ask your local computer dealer for more information or visit us online at
    Delivers a single, high-quality video signal to two displays – ideal for
    presentations, retail displays and training applications
    Gold-plated connectors with thumbscrews provide maximum connectivity
    Integrated 2-in-1 output design eliminates Y-cable tangles and clutter
    Fully shielded to reduce EMI and other interference sources
    Molded PVC boot and strain relief
    Lifetime Warranty
    Model 307765

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Спецификации на продукта

Марка Manhattan
Модел 307796
Продукт Кабели за компютри и периферни устройства
EAN 7666233077962
Език Английски
Вид файл PDF
Дължина на кабела 0.3м
Тип конектор Мъжки/Женски
Цвят на продукта Черен
Конектор 1 DVI-I
Конектор 2 DVI-I
Покритие на конекторите Злато
Тегло и размери
Тегло 164.5г

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