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    O P E R A T O R ’ S M A N U A L
    2-stage tripod
    1-stage tripod
    Please refer to warranty card for complete details
    Miller Authorised Service Agents must carry out all service and repair work.
    Failure to observe this requirement may void warranty. It is advisable to
    notify Miller or a MIller Authorised Service Agent if a change of perform-
    ance is observed as a result of dropping or rough usage. For information
    regarding sales and service of Miller products, or for your nearest Miller
    representative please contact us via our website or at the following:
    Cat # Description
    #480 Studio HD Dolly
    #483 Studio HD Dolly with Cable Guards and Track Lock
    #475 Rubber Feet (set of 3)
    #993 Mid Level Spreader
    #974 Softcase for HD 100 & HD 150 2-stage
    P4816 Transport Clip
    30 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, Sydney
    NSW 2064 Australia
    Tel: +61 2 9439 6377
    Fax: +61 2 9438 2819
    Unit A2, Ford Lane Industrial Estate
    Ford Lane, Ford
    West Sussex BN18 0DF, United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0)1243 555 255
    Fax:+44 (0)1243 555 001
    218 Little Falls Road, Cedar Grove,
    New Jersey 07009-1231 USA
    Tel: (973) 857 8300
    Fax: (973) 857 8188
    100mm Bowl Models
    #925 2-Stage Carbon Fibre
    #931 1-Stage Alloy
    #932 1-Stage Alloy Studio
    #935 MINI 1-Stage Alloy
    150mm Bowl Models
    #937 2-Stage Carbon Fibre
    #943 1-Stage Alloy
    #944 1-Stage Alloy Studio
    #945 MINI 1-Stage Alloy
    Thank you for purchasing the HD Tripod. The HD Tripod has been designed to suit payload capacities from ENG up to full conguration EFP cameras.
    The HD Tripod is available with either a Ø100 mm or Ø150 mm bowl and as 1-Stage, 2-Stage, Studio or Mini models. The 2-Stage Tripod comes in ultra-
    light, high strength carbon bre tubing while the 1-Stage, Studio and the Mini Tripod comes in anodised alloy tubing. The HD Tripod is designed primarily
    to give excellent stability and durability. While many integrated features enable the user to operate the Tripod safely and easily – such as the Integrated
    Carry Handle (Ø100 mm bowl), Forever-Flat rubber feet and Fine height adjustable Mid-level spreader.
    The HD Tripod will give best performance when used with the Arrow Fluid Head range and DS-60 Fluid Head. This will ensure maximum system stability
    to suit any professional set-up. The HD Tripod will suit most industry standard Ø100 mm Ø150 mm Fluid Heads as well, please refer to manufacturers’
    manual for mounting details.
    Tie Down Hook
    Anodised Aluminum Leg Tubes
    Carry Handle
    Upper Leg Lock
    Quik-Lok Lever
    Transport Clips
    Pivoting Spreader Mount
    Rubber Foot
    Tie Down Hook
    Carbon Fibre Leg Tubes
    Carry Handle
    Upper Leg Lock
    Quik-Lok Lever
    Transport Clips
    Pivoting Spreader Mount
    Lower Leg Lock
    Rubber Foot
    D4892-5 09/08
    Fig 1. Fig 2.
    Cat# 925 931 932 937 943 944 935 945
    Tube Conguration 2-Stage 1-Stage Studio 2-Stage 1-Stage Studio Mini Mini
    Tube Material Carbon Alloy Alloy Carbon Alloy Alloy Alloy Alloy
    Bowl Dia. mm 100 100 100 150 150 150 100 150
    Maximum Load kg (lb) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210) 95 (210)
    Weight kg (lb) 4.5 (9.9) 5.2 (11.5) 4.7 (10.4) 4.6 (10.2) 5.35 (11.8) 4.8 (10.6) 4.0 (8.8) 4.2 (9.3)
    Max Height mm (in) 1590 (62.6) 1575 (62.0) 1270 (50.0) 1615 (63.6) 1590 (62.6) 1280 (50.4) 960 (37.8) 970 (38.2)
    Min Height mm (in) 480 (18.9) 785 (30.9) 590 (23.2) 510 (20.1) 800 (31.5) 610 (24.0) 350 (13.8) 370 (14.6)
    Transport Length mm (in) 750 (29.5) 930 (36.6) 782 (30.8) 750 (29.5) 940 (37.0) 790 (31.1) 645 (25.4) 650 (25.6)

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