Philips Series 5000 BT5206

Philips Series 5000 BT5206 ръководство на потребителя

    Important safety
    Read this important information
    carefully before you use the
    appliance and its accessories and
    save it for future reference.
    The accessories supplied may vary
    for different products.
    - Keep the adapter dry (Fig. 1).
    - The adapter contains a
    transformer. Do not cut off the
    adapter to replace it with another
    plug, as this causes a hazardous
    - This appliance can be used by
    children aged from 8 years and
    above and persons with reduced
    physical, sensory or mental
    capabilities or lack of experience
    and knowledge if they have been
    given supervision or instruction
    concerning use of the appliance
    in a safe way and understand the
    hazards involved.
    Children shall not play with the
    appliance. Cleaning and user
    maintenance shall not be made
    by children without supervision.
    - Always unplug the appliance
    before you clean it under the tap.
    - Always check the appliance
    before you use it. Do not use the
    appliance if it is damaged, as this
    may cause injury. Always replace
    a damaged part with one of the
    original type.
    - Never immerse the charging
    stand in water and do not rinse it
    under the tap (Fig. 1).
    - Never immerse the appliance in
    water. Do not use the appliance
    in the bath or in the shower.
    - Never use water hotter than
    80°C to rinse the appliance.
    - Only use this appliance for its
    intended purpose as shown in the
    user manual.
    - For hygienic reasons, the
    appliance should only be used by
    one person.
    - Do not use the adapter in or
    near wall sockets that contain
    or have contained an electric air
    freshener to prevent irreparable
    damage to the adapter.
    - Never use compressed air,
    scouring pads, abrasive cleaning
    agents or aggressive liquids such
    as petrol or acetone to clean the
    Electromagnetic elds (EMF)
    - This Philips appliance complies with all
    applicable standards and regulations regarding
    exposure to electromagnetic elds.
    - This appliance can be safely cleaned under the
    tap (Fig. 2).
    - The appliance is suitable for mains voltages
    ranging from 100 to 240 volts.
    - The adapter transforms 100-240 volts to a safe
    low voltage of less than 24 volts.
    - This symbol means that this product shall not
    be disposed of with normal household waste
    (2012/19/EU) (Fig. 3).
    - This symbol means that this product contains
    a built-in rechargeable battery which shall not
    be disposed of with normal household waste
    (2006/66/EC). We strongly advise you to take
    your product to an ofcial collection point or
    a Philips service centre to have a professional
    remove the rechargeable battery (Fig. 4).
    Register your product and get support at
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Спецификации на продукта

Марка Philips
Модел Series 5000 BT5206
Продукт Тример за брада
EAN 0871010372314, 0871010374394, 8710103723141, 8710103743941
Език Английски, Френски, Испански, Италиански, Португалски
Вид файл PDF
Брой стъпки за дължина 17
Ширина на ножа -мм
Минимална дължина на косата 0.4мм
Максимална дължина на косата 7мм
Прецизна приставка 0.2мм
Работа на мокро и сухо -
Годен за пране
Цвят на продукта Black, Stainless steel
Тип батерия -
Време на работа 50мин
Време за зареждане
AC входно напрежение 100-240V
Съдържание на опаковката
Четка за почистване

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