PureLink LU-EHD-111

PureLink LU-EHD-111 ръководство на потребителя

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    Always carry at least one of these products with you to the job site
    HDMI systems can be very dicult to troubleshoot. PureLink has three unique products, the HDMI Extender (in this manual, LU-EHD-111),
    the HDMI Communicator (LU-CHD-110) and the HDMI Audio Extractor (LU-AHD-111) to eliminate the most common HDMI problems. To save
    your and your clients‘ valuable time, we recommend you to carry at least one each of our PureLink troubleshooting tools with you all the time.
    So when you encounter a problem, you can just apply one of them to x the problem right away.
    Overall male plug
    18.5 mm
    Overall male plug
    9 mm
    Overall male plug
    15 mm
    Overall female
    enclosure width
    28 mm
    Overall female
    enclosure height
    11 mm
    Overall female
    enclosure length
    58 mm
    Overall product length 150 mm
    Retaining force
    (both male/female)
    6.5 kg typical
    Contact pin gold
    0.76 μm
    Top metal shell gold
    0.05 μm
    Contact pin pitch 1.00 mm
    Troubleshoot rst – apply the right product for the problem
    First plan and install the HDMI system without including the troubleshooting tools. If you experience any problems, follow these steps to deter-
    mine them and apply the right solution:
    First bring the source device next to the display and connect the two directly with a short HDMI cable.
    Lower the source device output data rate (primarily the resolution) by one step (e.g., from 1080p to 1080i/720p, or from 1080i/720p to 480p)
    then reconnect the source device back to its original.
    If you now are able to receive picture and sound, the problem you had was most likely bandwidth or cable length related; most likely one of the
    HDMI cables was too long. Unplug the connector of that cable from the TV (sink) and plug it into the LU-EHD-11 HDMI Extender in between that
    cable and the TV (sink) input. You should have picture and sound now. If the problem is still existent, contact your distributor directly.
    If you still do not have picture or sound after step 2, the problem is most likely the communication (also known as DDC, HDCP, handshaking)
    between the units. Unplug the cable from your TV (or receiver); plug in the LU-EHD-111 HDMI Communicator in between that cable and the TV
    (or receiver) input. You should have picture and sound now. If the problem is still existent, contact your distributor directly.
    Connector type Input: HDMI Type A female
    Output: HDMI Type A male
    Signal processing Equalization, no re-clocking
    Where to apply
    the product
    TV (sink) end
    Power supply Not needed; draws power from source
    Warranty 3 years replacement
    For local support, please contact your reseller directly.
    HDMI Extender –
    User Manual
PureLink LU-EHD-111

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Спецификации на продукта

Марка PureLink
Модел LU-EHD-111
Продукт Кабели за компютри и периферни устройства
EAN 4260134124379
Език Английски
Вид файл PDF
Покритие на конекторите Злато
Дължина на кабела 0.15м
Конектор 1 HDMI
Конектор 2 HDMI
Съединител 1 пол Мъжки
Съединител 2 пол Женски
Цвят на продукта Черен
Честотна лента 825MHz
Скорост на трансфер на данни 6.7Гбит/с
Максимална резолюция 1920 x 1080пиксела
Поддържани графични резолюции 1920 x 1080 (HD 1080)
RoHS съответствие
Сертификати CE
Цветова дълбочина 24бит
Поддържани видео режими 480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Опаковка - данни
Количество в опаковка 1

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