Ricoh Caplio R4

Ricoh Caplio R4 ръководство на потребителя

  • Do not connect the USB cable yet!
    If you connect the camera to a computer through the
    USB cable before installing the provided software on the
    computer, the software required for connection between
    camera and computer may not be installed correctly.
    Be sure to connect the camera to your computer after
    installing the provided software.
    For how to install the software, see P.135.
    About other documentation
    Detailed explanations on how to use the provided
    software can be found in “Software User Guide” (PDF
    format file) included on the supplied CD-ROM.
    For how to display the PDF file, see P.139.
    The CD-ROM also contains English version of “Camera
    User Guide” and “Software User Guide” in PDF format.
    Camera User Guide
    Quick Guide
    Using the Various Shooting
    and Playback Functions
    Changing Camera
    Installing Software
    The serial number of this product is given
    on the bottom face of the camera.
Ricoh Caplio R4

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