Roland KF-10

Roland KF-10 ръководство на потребителя

  • What is Karimoku Furniture?
    Karimoku Furniture is a brand of wooden furniture founded in 1940, based in Japan, and maintaining an
    insistence on domestic production.
    With the guiding principle of “ultimate quality, the company is noted for creating products that make life
    better and contribute to society.
    Careful management of materials, the latest machine technology, and hand-nishing by experienced workers
    combine to ensure the highest quality.
    Consideration for the human body: The choice of materials reects a concern with health, and the
    ergonomic design aims at enjoyability and functionality.
    Consideration for life: Product development includes consideration of changing lifestyles and changing
    methods of usage over time.
    Consideration for the environment: Managed forest products and thinnings are used extensively to
    encourage wise use of limited resources.
    Karimoku-made Wooden Cabinet
    5 The feel of natural wood that makes you want to touch
    5 Your instrument has a unique character like no other,
    each with its own woodgrain and other natural marks.
    5 A lighthearted design by Karimoku furniture designers
    that will coordinate well with your decor.
    Ergonomically Designed Bench
    5 Several types of cushion material are used to control the
    springiness of the bench, creating a seating surface that
    remains comfortable even after hours of performing.
    5 The bench is the result of twenty years of proprietary
    ergonomic research.
    Features of the Piano
    “SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Sound Engine Produces Living Piano Sound
    This sound engine uses a computer to synthesize a virtualization of an acoustic piano’s sound-
    producing mechanism, constructing the sound from scratch in a way that reproduces the rich sound
    of a piano with its complex interactions.
    It generates a living piano sound that cannot be produced by the conventional sampling (recorded)
    sound engines of the past.
    “PHA-50 keyboard” Delivers the Playing Feel and Touch of an Acoustic Piano
    Hybrid structure made of wood and a polymer center frame.
    The center frame structure resists warping or deformation, providing a stable playing feel.
    Wood material improves the keyboard’s rigidity and density, and also enhances the playing feel.
    This is a maintenance-free keyboard that gives you the playing feel and atmosphere of an acoustic
    piano while also excelling in durability.
    Bluetooth Technology (Audio/Page-Turning/MIDI Support)
    Bluetooth audio functionality allows music or video sound from your smartphone or tablet to be
    played back through the piano itself. Bluetooth page-turning and MIDI connection capability lets
    you control music score apps such as piaScore.
    By using Bluetooth audio functionality or a remote control app, you can enjoy sound from the
    piano as background music.
    Models with and without Bluetooth
    The presence or absence of Bluetooth functionality is
    indicated by the name of a button in the control panel at
    the left of the keyboard.
    On models equipped with Bluetooth, the second button
    from the front is labeled the [
    ] button.
    On models not equipped with Bluetooth, the second
    button from the front is labeled the [Metronome] button.
    With Bluetooth
    Without Bluetooth
    Owners Manual
    Before using this unit, carefully read “USING THE UNIT SAFELY” and “IMPORTANT NOTES
    (leaet “USING THE UNIT SAFELY”). After reading, keep the document(s) including those
    sections where it will be available for immediate reference.
    Copyright © 2015 ROLAND CORPORATION

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Спецификации на продукта

Марка Roland
Модел KF-10
Продукт Цифрово пиано
EAN 4957054511944
Език Английски
Вид файл PDF
Техническа информация
Вграден високоговорител/и
Брой високоговорители 4
RMS мощност 60W
Звукови ефекти Ambience, Brilliance
Брой на педалите 3
Максимална полифония (бележки) 384
Брой тонове (за изпълнение) 6
Брой тонове (за възпроизвеждане) 265
Портове и Интерфейси
Bluetooth версия 3.0+HS
Вход за постоянен ток (DC-in)
USB порт
USB конектор Micro-USB A, Micro-USB B
Брой USB портове 2
Количество ключове 88ключове
Регулируема чувствителност на клавиатурата
Брой нива на чувствителност на клавиатурата 5
Цвят на продукта Кафяв
Материал на държача Дърво
Брой на вградени демота 30
Брой темпераменти 10
Типове темпераменти Arabic, Equal, Just Major, Kirnberger I, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Meantone, Pythagorean, Werckmeister
Настройване на честотата 415.3 - 466.2Hz
Ниво на звуково налягане 109dB
Консумация на енергия (макс.) 11W
Автоматично изключване
Тегло и размери
Ширина 1396мм
Дълбочина 337мм
Височина 910мм
Тегло 33200г
Размери (с отворен капак) (Ш/Д/В) 1396 x 337 x 910мм
Широчина на работната маса 440мм
Дълбочина на работната маса 300мм
Височина на работната маса 520мм
Тегло на пейката 4400г
Размери на педала (Ш/Д/В) 292 x 216 x 95мм
Тегло на педала 2100г
Съдържание на опаковката
Включена подходяща пейка
Включени кабели в комплекта Променлив ток (AC)
Включен педала за превключване
Включен променливотоков адаптер
Включен захранващ кабел

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