Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51 ръководство на потребителя

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    Table of Contents
    4 Read me first
    6 Device overheating situations and
    9 Device layout and functions
    13 Battery
    15 SIM or USIM card (nano-SIM card)
    18 Memory card (microSD card)
    20 Turning the device on and off
    22 Initial setup
    23 Samsung account
    25 Transferring data from your previous
    device (Smart Switch)
    27 Understanding the screen
    39 Notification panel
    41 Screen capture and screen record
    42 Entering text
    Apps and features
    45 Installing or uninstalling apps
    47 Finder
    47 Bixby
    51 Bixby Vision
    54 Bixby Home
    57 Bixby Routines
    60 Reminder
    64 Phone
    69 Contacts
    73 Messages
    76 Internet
    78 Camera
    95 Gallery
    100 AR EMOJI
    107 AR Doodle
    108 Always On Display
    110 Edge screen
    114 Multi window
    117 Samsung Pay
    120 Samsung Health
    123 Galaxy Wearable
    123 Samsung Members
    124 Samsung Notes
    125 Calendar
    127 Radio
    128 Voice Recorder
    129 My Files
    129 Clock
    131 Calculator
    132 Game Launcher
    134 Game Booster
    135 Kids Home
    137 SmartThings
    141 Sharing content
    142 Samsung Global Goals
    142 Google apps

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