Seagate Expansion Desktop

Seagate Expansion Desktop ръководство на потребителя

  • Seagate Expansion desktop drive, add-on storage for your PC
    The Seagate
    Expansion desktop drive provides extra storage for your ever-growing
    collection of les. Add space for more les instantly, consolidate all your les to a single
    location, or free up space on your computer’s internal drive for improved performance.
    Set-up is straightforward. Simply plug in the included power supply and USB cable and you
    are ready to go. It is automatically recognised by the Windows
    operating system, so there is
    no software to install and nothing to congure. Saving les is easy too: just drag and drop.
    Take advantage of the fast data transfer speeds with the USB 3.0 interface by connecting
    to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port. USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 for additional
    system compatibility.
    Data Sheet

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Спецификации на продукта

Марка Seagate
Модел Expansion Desktop
Продукт Външен твърд диск
EAN 7636490037986
Език Английски, Френски
Вид файл PDF

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