Soundmaster IR4000WE ръководство на потребителя

Soundmaster IR4000WE
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EN 1

This symbol indicates the presence of dangerous
voltage inside the enclosure, sufficient enough to
cause electric shock.
This symbol indicates the presence of important
operating and maintenance instructions for the
Safety, Environmental and Setup Instructions
Use the device in dry indoor environments only.
Protect the device from humidity.
Do not open the device. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! Refer opening and servicing to qualified personnel.
Connect this device to a properly installed and earthed wall outlet only. Make sure the mains voltage corresponds with
the specifications on the rating plate.
Make sure the mains cable stays dry during operation. Do not pinch or damage the mains cable in any way.
A damaged m
ains cable or plug must immediately be replaced by an authorized service center.
In case of lightning, immediately disconnect the device from the mains supply.
Children should be supervised by parents when using the device.
Clean the device with a dry cloth only.
Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or other heat sources.
Install the device at a location with sufficient ventilation in order to prevent
heat accumulation.
Do not cover the ventilation openings!
Install the device at a safe and vibration-free location.
Install the device as far away as possible from computers and microwave units; otherwise radio reception may be
Do not open or repair the enclosure. It is not safe to do so and will void your warranty. Repairs only by authorized
service/ customer center.
Only use mercury and cadmium-free batteries.
Used batte
ries are hazardous waste and NOT to be disposed of with the household waste!!!
Return the batteries to your dealer or to collection points in your community.
Keep batteries away from children. Children might swallow batteries.
Contact a physician immediately if a battery was swallowed.
Check your batteries regularly to avoid battery leakage.
Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like.
CAUTION: Danger of explosion if batt
ery is incorrectly replaced
Replace only with the same or equivalent type


Do not dispose of this product with the normal household waste at the end
of its life cycle. Return it to a collection point for the recycling of electrical
and electronic devices. This is indicated by the symbol on the product,
user manual or packaging.
The materials are reusable according to their markings. By reusing, recycling or
other forms of utilization of old devices you make an important contribution to
the protection of our environment.
Please contact your local authorities for details about collection points.
Risk of electric shock
Do not open
Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do n ot remove the
cover (or back). There are no user serviceable part s inside. Refer
servicing to qualified service personnel.
Soundmaster IR4000WE

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Марка Soundmaster
Модел IR4000WE
Продукт Радиоприемник
Език Английски
Вид файл PDF
Тип радио Интернет
Тип тунер -
Поддържани радио вълни DAB+,FM
PLL синтезатор
Включен RDS тунер
RMS мощност 6 W
Вграден високоговорител/и
Брой вградени говорители 2
Вграден дисплей
Тип дисплей LCD
Диагонал на дисплея 2.4 "
Мрежови възможности
Портове и Интерфейси
Изходи за слушалки -
Aux вход
MP3 възпроизвеждане
Цвят на продукта Бяла
Други характеристики
Съвместим с Apple докинг станция Не се поддържа
Стенен/настолен часовник
Вграден часовник
Технология на батерията Литиево-йонна (Li-Ion)
Вграден четец на карти
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