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    Manual Revision: 07/31/2015
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    Packaging contents
    1 x 2 m DisplayPort™, Mini DisplayPort™, or HDMI® to HDMI
    converter cable
    1 x 2 m Micro-USB cable
    1 x instruction manual
    DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort or HDMI to HDMI Converter Cable - 2 m (6 ft)
    *actual product may vary from photos
    This unique converter cable combines multiple inputs into a single
    adapter so that you can use the converter cable to connect your
    DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, or HDMI laptop to an HDMI display
    or projector. DPMDPHD2HD eliminates the need to have separate
    adapters for each kind of video input and is much more cost
    eective than an integrated panel or desktop switch.
    Product diagram
    Power and activity LEDs
    Micro-USB 2.0 power
    HDMI output
    Mini DisplayPort input
    DisplayPort input
    HDMI input
    Connect the converter cable
    1. Connect the HDMI output to your display or projector.
    2. Connect the provided Micro-USB cable to the Micro-USB power
    port on the converter cable and the USB port on your computer
    or your AC power adapter.
    3. Connect the other end of the converter cable to the Mini
    DisplayPort, DisplayPort, or HDMI port on your computer.
    Reset the converter cable
    When you push the Reset button, it’s equivalent to removing the
    USB power. If multiple inputs are connected to the converter cable,
    whichever input connects rst will be given priority.
    To reset the converter cable, insert a pin or paperclip into the
    Reset button located on the back of the converter cable.
    About the LED indicators
    The converter cable comes with three green LED indicators, one
    LED indicator per cable. For more information about what the LED
    indicators mean, see the table below.
    LED behavior Scenario
    LED is illuminated The corresponding input is active.
    LED isn’t illuminated The corresponding input isn’t active.
    Bottom view
    Top view
    Reset button DPMDPHD2HD

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