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    Display of hours/minutes
    Hours and minutes are shown via the analogue display, date and seconds are shown in the digital display.
    Display of date/seconds and reception control (by tower)
    1. Briefly press the right push button (A) to change between displays
    The date appears as: month on the left and day at the right.
    2. Press the right push-button briefly once again
    The seconds are shown at the left and the “tower” is at the right.
    IMPORTANT: to ensure your watch sets correctly, please complete the following steps in their exact order.
    I. Setting the Time Zone
    1. Push the left recessed button (B) for 3-5 seconds or until the digital window changes. The current time zone
    will be shown on the left and the present hour for the corresponding time zone will be shown on the right.
    2. Tap the right push button (A) until desired time zone is reached
    3. Once you have reached your time zone, end the setting mode by briefly pushing the left recessed button (B) or
    waiting for longer than 15 seconds without pushing either of the buttons. This will bring the watch back to the
    normal display of date or seconds.
    II. Setting the Time and Date
    The purpose of this step is to make sure that all internal settings for the time and date are accurate and have not been
    inadvertently changed.
    NOTE: while in this setting, keep in mind that the left recessed button (B) will bring you through the settings menu in the
    following order: seconds->minutes->hours->year->month->day->display of date without chance to change it->and
    back to seconds. The right push button (A) will be used to advance the display one step/value
    Titanium Atomic Watch
    Super Light Titanium Timepiece Loses Only One Second Every 20 Million Years.
    BOULDER, Colorado The U.S. government has engineered the most ingenious, most accurate clock in the world: the F-
    1 U.S. Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. Our extraordinary Stauer Titanium Atomic Watch utilizes the transmissions
    directly from that remarkable cesium fission atomic clock to report the most precise time. This scientifically advanced
    timepiece will gain or lose only one second over a 20 million-year period. It is that accurate!
    Super Light Titanium has two big advantages over steel. One is corrosion resistance and the other is that titanium
    has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, which means that titanium is approximately 45% lighter than steel.
    Time Reset Button
    Time Set Button
    C – Digital Display
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Марка Stauer
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Език Английски
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Ръчен часовник Stauer


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