Totolink A1004

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  • Hardware Installation
    If you access Internet by ADSL, please comply with step 1, 2, 3 and 4 in below diagram in correct order; if you access Internet by
    residential broadband, please comply with step 2, 3 and 4 to connect the WAN port of your router with the residential broadband directly.
    1. Please disconnect the power adapter and all cables during
    thunderstorm weather;
    2. Keep away from heat source and keep well ventilated;
    3. Please pay attention to the waterproofing and moisture-proof
    when storing, transporting and running;
    4. The power supply must reach the rated current and power;
    5. Put the router in flat places.
    Set Up PC
    Windows Vista/7 Windows 8
    For Windows 8 Operating System, please comply with following steps to set up.
    Click “Start—Control Panel—Network and
    Sharing Center—Change adapter setting”,
    right-click “Ethernet”, and choose “Properties”.
    Double-click “Internet Protocol Version 4
    Choose “Obtain an IP address
    automatically”and “Obtain DNS server
    address automatically”, click “OK”;
    and then click “OK”.
    For Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System, please comply with following steps to set up.
    Click “Start— Control Panel— Network
    and Internet— Network Connection”,
    right-click “Local Area Connection”,
    and choose “Properties”.
    Double-click “Internet Protocol
    Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”
    Choose “Obtain an IP address
    automatically” and “Obtain DNS server
    address automatically”, click “OK”; go back
    to previous interface and click “OK”
    Quick Installation Guide
    AC750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router
    After connected, please check whether the LED indicators are normal.
    Set Up Router
    Please set up the router following below steps.
    It will show up the following page, please click Internet Wizard icon  .
    Enter valid User Name and Password (The default User name and
    Password are “admin”). Then click “OK” button or press Enter.
    Wireless Network Connection
    Right-click “My Network
    Places”, click “Properties”
    Right-click “Wireless Network
    Connection”, and click “View
    Available Wireless Networks”
    Confirm the wireless network SSID name,
    choose one that you would like to connect,
    then click “Connect”
    Input the encrytion key and click “Connect”
    Have connected wireless network, you can access
    Internet through wireless mode.
    For more information, please go to
    Type in the Web Browser address bar, then press Enter key.
    Run the Web browser.
    11 14
    Two options provided, “Automatic Internet configuration” is
    recommended, click Next.
    The router will detect whether the physical connection of internet
    (WAN) port is OK. Click Next.
    Wait for a while, PPPoE is detected, type in your User ID and
    Password.Then click Next.
    Click Save and Close to make settings work.
    After Internet wizard, please click the Wireless Wizard icon
    to start wireless settings. Click Next.
    Choose your country region and click Next.
    Click Check SSID to avoid SSID conflict, then
    click Next when it shows “This SSID is available.”
    Choose the best channel, and click Next.
    Click Next to go on the settings.
    Setup the encryption for your WiFi network,
    keep the default option.Click Next.
    Click “Apply and Set 5GHz Wireless Network”
    button to confirm the settings.
    5GHz wireless network wizard is similar with
    the settings of 2.4GHz, please refer to the
    process of 2.4GHz wireless settings.
    Select TKIP or AES cryptography, and then
    click Next.
    Input the password (more than 8 characters).
    This indicator lights blue while the router receiving power,
    otherwise it is off.
    This indicator lights blinks blue after the router powered on.
    This indicator lights blue when the router’s 2.4G wireless enabled.
    When the WAN port is connected successfully the indicator lights
    While transmitting or receiving data through the WAN port the
    indicator blinks blue.
    While transmitting or receiving data through the LAN port the
    indicator blinks blue.
    When one of the LAN ports has a successful connection, the
    corresponding indicator lights blue.
    This indicator lights blue when the router’s 5G wireless enabled.
    Suitable for: A1004
    Information in this docutment is subject to change without prior notice.
    Copyrights 2015 by TOTOLINK All rights reserved. Website:
    Telephone Wire
    ADSL Modem
    Wall Socket
Totolink A1004

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