Whynter KS-1100 ръководство на потребителя

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WHYNTER Digital Wall Kitchen Scale
MODEL: KS-1100
Please read this instruction booklet completely before operating.
Equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system
Capacity: 2kgx1g
Auto off & Manual off
Tare function
Over load / Low battery indicator
Electronic clock, countdown timer with alarm
1 x 3V CR2032 lithium battery (included)
When the LCD indicates “ , please open the battery cover at the bottom of the unit and
replace the battery with a new one.
(Please choose a smooth and flat wall surface to install the scale.)
STEP 1: Use the paper card as reference to drill 4 holes on the wall. (Make sure that the
reference card is horizontal)
STEP 2: Drill in the screw knots(plug) into the 4 holes
STEP 3: Install the fixture plates to the holes and drill in the screws tightly to secure the

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