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    Installing the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard into Your Computer
    Press FN+F1 to enter IOS(Apple) system,FN+F2 to enter Android system,FN+F3
    to enter Windows system.
    Step 1. Before using the Bluetooth keyboard with your computer, you need to check whether
    your computer is equipped with Bluetooth receiver.If not, you’ll need to purchase an
    additional Bluetooth receiver and install it correctly onto your computer. Once your
    computer is Bluetooth-enabled, the setup applet’s icon will appear in the windows
    taskbar as shown below.
    You must sync your iPhone/ iPad with the Bluetooth keyboard manually before using.
    No further sync is needed if the first sync runs successfully. Please follow the detailed
    instructions as below to complete the sync procedure.
    Follow the path Settings General Bluetooth on your iPhone/ iPad to enable \the
    Bluetooth function on your iPhone/ iPad.
    When Bluetooth is turned on, your iPhone/i
    Pad will start searching for Bluetooth devices
    automatically. At the same time press and hold both “Esc” and “k” keys on the keyboard
    simultaneously. Your keyboard will be found by your iPhone /iPad automatically. When the
    keyboard is found, press theBluetooth Keyboard” appearing on the iPhone/ iPad screen,a
    window will pop up with a syncing passkey.Type in the passkey shown given by the iPhone/
    iPad on the keyboard and then press the “enter” key. Now the Bluetooth keyboard should be
    connected to your iPhone/ iPad as shown in below picture.
    Power-saving design : When the keyboard does not take any action about 2 seconds into
    hibernation , press any KEY or touch screen wake .
    2.When you press the FN + F11 , the keypad keys do not output the value of users to leave
    after the others in order to prevent false triggering .3
    2 AAA dry batteries : the whole boost
    to 3.0V. The whole system is 3.0V system .
    Installing the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard
    Installing the Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard into Your iPhone/iPad
    Other Considerations
    Model: KB-38BT
    Super Slim Mini Bluetooth Keyboard
    Installing the Batteries
    Hotkeys on the keyboard
    Step 2. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon
    in the windows taskbar, and select “Add
    a Bluetooth Device”
    Step 5. Select the keyboard from the list
    of found devices and click “Next” to
    Step 6. We recommend our customers
    to select “no password” in the below
    window,then click “Next” to continue.
    Step 4. Your computer will now scan for Bluetooth devices in your area and display
    found devices.At the same time press and hold both “Esc” and “k” keys on the
    keyboard simultaneously.
    Step 7. The system will automatically finish the installation after clicking "Finish"in
    below window.
    Step 3. Tick the checkbox “My device is
    setup and ready to be found”,then click
    This RF2.4GHz Touch keyboard use Built in lithium -ion rechargeable battery.
    Charging step
    This wireless touchpad built - in rechargeable battery .
    1.When your touch pad not working smoothly due to lack of electricity ,
    according to Figure 1 to charge the touchpad.
    2.When your touch pad is fully charged , unplug the charging cable according
    to Figure 2 direction.
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